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Vintage and Antique: What’s the difference?

The majority of you might consider vintage and antiques as the same thing; however, that’s not the case. If you are new to vintage and antique shopping, some of the words used might confuse you. The disparity between what is vintage and what is antique is one of the most common points of misunderstanding. The […]

The oldest antique objects till now

The oldest antique objects till now Our planet Earth is some 4.5 billion years old, with humankind only been living on the Earth for 200,000 years. Nonetheless, each has left legacies that scientists around the world are still discovering. Who wouldn’t want to wear the oldest footwear? From an old instrument to an ancient mask, […]

Some antiques and their captivating backstories

An item is considered an antique when it is older than 100 years. I am quite sure that while buying an antique or even while looking at one, the first question that popups in someone’s mind is the back story behind it. The history of any antique is what makes it exceptional.   From a horror […]